Unicode Emoji Chooser

Emoji Chooser is the best app to decorate your messages with Unicode 6.0 emoji(emoticons) and Symbols. It works on SNS sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as LINE, WeChat, and WhatsApp. The app lets you send emoji to iPhone users.


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  • Works on Android4.1 or later.
  • SHARE a text with another app. Also, you can send emoji emoticons to another app.
  • COPY an emoji to the clipboard and paste it to a text field.
  • RECORD your use emoji history up to 50 items. If you want to delete it do so from the Settings.
  • QUICK ways to launch to app, from Status bar, Floating Button.
  • MUSHROOM (helps Japanese input)
    Emoji Chooser can be used as a Mushroom for apps such as Simeji, ATOK, or Google Japanese Input. Please refer to an IME manual to see the details of Mushroom.

Simeji: http://simeji.me/blog/use_mushroom
Google Japanese Input: http://octoba.net/archives/20130512-android-app-google-ime-194273.html


Q: Emoticons not displaying properly.
A: This might be solved by making the font size smaller.
A: For Galaxy S3 and S4 users, this page (http://www.sebertech.com/2013/05/3-ways-to-enable-emoji-emoticons-on.html) may help you display emoticons.
A: Some devices might not display emoji at all.If you start the app from launcher icon, only the menu to share and copy to clipboard will show up.